Upcoming Workshops

Our workshops typically run Tuesdays and Thursdays for 6 weeks for $50 per session. Our classes have a maximum of 12 students per session and provide a unique opportunity to work in a small, immersive, project-based format to learn about a variety of elements of theater. Our workshops are constantly changing, so check back regularly for the most up-to-date opportunities.

New workshop dates will be announced soon! Be sure to join our mailing list to stay up to date on sign up information!

Ongoing workshops

Elementary School

Introduction to theater – learn about the basics of theater.  From stage direction to improv to character development, this six week course will give students an idea of what goes into putting on a show as an actor.  The workshop ends with a showcase performance!

Technical theater – this is an introductory course where students have an opportunity to learn hands-on about lighting, sound, set design, costume design, and props

Storytelling – ever wondered what makes a great story for the stage?  This 6 week workshop covers the elements of writing a great story.  Throughout the six weeks, students will have a chance to work together to write and workshop their own script

Grades 7-12

Character development – want to learn how to develop your character for the stage?  This course explores techniques to help actors understand their characters, develop rich backstory, and get the most out of their performance with vocal and physical exercises.  

Technical theater – Get hands-on and learn about designing technical elements for the stage.  Visiting experts help students learn about design and understand how design helps tell the story.

Scriptwriting – Through this six week course, students will learn how to write a story for the stage with dynamic characters, unique settings, and technical elements that help to tell the story.