Character Breakdown

Anne Shirley, a young orphan about 12 ½ (ages to about 16 throughout the play) (youth)

Marilla Cuthbert, a middle-aged spinster (adult)

Mathew Cuthbert, Marilla’s bachelor brother (adult)

Rachel Lynde, a neighbor (adult)

Station Master, at Bright River (youth OR adult)

Mr. Spencer, from a nearby village (youth OR adult)

Mrs. Blewitt, Mr. Spencer’s neighbor (youth OR adult)

Diana Barry, Anne’s best friend of the same age (youth)

Mrs. Barry, Diana’s mother (adult)

Mr. Phillips, Avonlea teacher (adult)

Miss Stacy, new teacher (adult)

Ruby Gillis, Anne’s schoolmate (youth)

Josie Pye, Anne’s schoolmate (youth)

Moody Macpherson, Anne’s schoolmate (youth)

Charlie Sloane, Anne’s schoolmate (youth)

Gilbert Blythe, Anne’s schoolmate and her sworn nemesis (youth)

Time and Place

Early 1900’s, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Action covers a period of four years.


Cuthbert farmhouse in Avonlea and other locales.