Character Breakdown

A Western Tale

Mongo: (50’s) Narrator of the story. He is kindhearted, jolly, and plays the guitar throughout the whole story. Should have some knowledge of playing a string instrument.

Sherriff Pa: (40s to mid-50’s) One of the protagonists . He is passionate, also jolly; and he has a can-do positive attitude.

Billy: (10 – 13) He is the son of Sherriff Pa and brother of Wendy.

Wendy: (9 – 12) She is the daughter of Sherriff Pa and sister of Billy. A bit of a whiny attitude when things go wrong.

Ranger Vince: (20 – 40) He is sneaky, mischievous, and dramatic. He is the outlaw of Almont Town.

Otis: (40 – 50) The towns’ mayor. He is spunky, goofy, and always makes wrong actions before thinking. Physically animated character.

It’s a Wonderful Neverland

The magic of Neverland allows these roles to be cast and played for any age or gender! Ages 6-adults are welcome to audition for any and all roles.

Peter Pan – captain of the Lost Boys

Tinkerbell – a fairy who is loyal to Peter Pan

Stinkerbell – a smelly fairy who takes Peter Pan through the story

The Darling Children (Wendy, John, and Michael) – found in present day as typical young/pre-teens, as well as the darling children of Neverland

Lost Boys (Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, and Curly) – Peter Pan’s faithful followers and a group of free-spirited, fun-loving youths

Captain Hook/Captain Two-Hands – always the villain, Hook/Two-Hands appears in both Neverland and the modern real world

Smee/Smindy – ever the faithful sidekick, Smee/Smindy appears by the side of Hook/Two-Hands in Neverland and the modern real world

Itchy Bear and Earl – construction workers who answer to Two-Hands

Souvenir Woman

Ariel – a fake mermaid


Security Guards